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Our residential fences provide privacy, luxury and customization.  We are experienced in many different areas of residential fencing including, but not limited to, wood, vinyl, cable and chain-link.  


Our most popular livestock fences are barbed wire fences. They are sturdy, long lasting, and great looking! We can customize fences to best serve our customer’s needs. We aren’t afraid to trek out to remote locations and rough terrains.


Chain link fence is woven metal wire that is often galvanized to reduce corrosion. It is a perfect choice for security, affordability and low maintenance. Our chain link fences are customized to your needs, whether you are trying to keep something in, or keep something out. The durable nature of a chain link fence, is a great long term option when selecting a fence style.

We do also offer temporary chain link fences, which are a great way to keep your job site safe and secure!


The most common wood fences that we do are residential privacy fences.  They are an inexpensive option and look great!


Our owner, Ron Mobley, has extensive knowledge on the appraisal process. He has a background in appraisal and comprehensive fencing knowledge, which makes him the perfect choice when looking for a fence appraisal. Whether it be fire damage, severe weather damage, or property sales, he has seen it all!

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